eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing

What is eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing?

The eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing System was created by Victor Sims of World Development Systems (www.wds-global.com) in the early 1990s to harmonise imbalances in a person’s bio-field/energy system and help bring the body back to its natural state of balance.

It does this by scanning the client, or a bio sample from the client such as a lock of hair, to create a comprehensive energy (not medical) profile. This profile is analysed for any imbalances which are balanced during the session.

After the first session an ePendant the intitial scan, the eLybra automatically connects with the client and runs remotely: ie, it is not limited by distance and the client can be anywhere in the world.
It can be used by anyone of any age – from babies to the elderly, and can be seen as an important addition to any other health programme. It can be used for a variety of physical and emotional issues such as anxiety & stress, sleep disturbances, allergies, grief / bereavement, immune system support, etc as well as for the maintenance of general well being.

Following the first session an ePendant or an ePebble, programmed with all the patterns received by the client during the session, is sent to the client to continue reinforcing the session. The ePendant or ePebble is designed to function in a similar way as the eLybra in that it continues to interact with the client’s bio-field or energy system and only sends the client those patterns that the client requires.

One Client’s experience: “Thank you for doing this today. I have been feeling very shell shocked from the accident and very low. The session you have been running has made a big difference – I think without it I would have gone down a dark hole – Thank you!! CH-J”

Introductory Trial Package

Two months eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing Sessions @ £25 per month plus a one-off £25 charge for ePendant or ePebble includes the following:

Two remote eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing sessions per month plus 20 mins telephone consultation following each session.
Following the first session the client will receive an ePendant or ePebble, a bio-resonance storage device to be worn around the neck or carried in a pocket. It is charged with the resonance patterns during the first session and will continue to be charged remotely during each subsequent session.

The ePendant / ePebble becomes active when in the proximity of the client and work best within 75 mm (or 3 inches) of the body.

At the end of the two-month introductory period, the client has the option to return the ePendant / ePebble in good order for a refund of £10.

If the client decides to continue the monthly fee will rise to £45 per month.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing, please complete & sign the attached eLybra Client form and return it with £50 initial payment and a sample of your hair in a clean previously unused plastic bag to the following address:

Mumtaz Karimjee, 16 Hillside Road, Liverpool L18 2ED.

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Please get in touch! You can contact me by phone or email:
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