Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT (also known as Meridian Tapping or Tapping) include a variety of methods designed to clear an individual’s energetic pathways by discharging any trauma held within their mental, emotional and physical energy systems.

They all involve tapping on the ends of acupuncture/acupressure meridians.

By focusing on whatever issue we wish to clear at the same time as tapping, we enter into a subtle interplay between mind, body and emotions. This interplay helps us bypass our conscious mind and access those markers which trigger whatever trauma we are dealing with and take us back to the behavioural patterns the trauma created. Once these markers are discharged, the associated trauma is also cleared from our energy system and our perception of the world is no longer coloured by that event.

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. Albert Einstein

Lose your mind and come to your senses. Fritz Perls, Creator Gestalt therapy

Trauma can be big or small: the trauma of any kind of violence or abuse, or the so-called “small” trauma of a child’s 1st day at school. Whatever its nature, trauma will leave its mark on the energy system. Accumulated traumas, if left uncleared, can be triggered repeatedly to create all sorts of emotional, behavioural or physical patterns.

In his work on how the body ultimately bears the burden, Robert Scaer compares the way human beings no longer discharge traumatic experiences (big or small) in the same way as animals. As human beings we have learned in different ways not to display any of the behaviours that lead to discharging the impact trauma has left on our energy system..

For example, we are taught from quite a young age that crying is not acceptable behaviour: to cry is to be a baby and therefore not grown-up. As girls/women, if we cry we are often seen as hysterical or ‘cry babies’. As boys/men we are taught that to cry is to be weak and a ‘sissy’ or girlish. On the other hand, when we see someone crying, we try to comfort them by stopping them from crying. Stopping someone from crying, for whatever reason and however well-meaning, stops one of the most important discharge mechanisms we have as human beings to clear whatever trauma made us cry in the first place. We need to cry as much as we need to laugh.

The body has other ways of discharging too: shaking, trembling, yawning, laughing, sleeping and so on.

My role as an EFT practitioner is to support my clients discharge whatever trauma, big or small, that is blocking them from attaining the outcomes they desire. My approach prioritises what the client wants to achieve.

Integrated Energy Techniques/IET are basic techniques taken from Neurolinguistic Programming/NLP and/or Hypnosis. They are included in a classic EFT session to enhance results and deepen the outcome.

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