the dance of planets
the dance of energy
the dance of life
crystallising & manifesting
in each being
in each moment
moving & changing
in the never ending
process of time

© M. Karimjee 2000

I have been working with astrology since the 1980s. It was then that I had my first astrology reading at a time when I needed to understand myself better and the energetic forces which were influencing my life. It helped me to know myself in a way that no-one had been able to explain to me before. I also realised I was in control, I had choices: I could choose to work with the energy around me, or continue trying to ignore it.

My readings are based on the principle that each of us is a unique individual. We are equal but different. The astrological chart shows you the ways in which planetary and zodiacal energies combine to make you a special individual. Your uniqueness does not, however, separate you from those around you.

Whether physically separate or in close proximity, we are always connected to our blood relatives, friends, the environment and the universe as a whole. In a word coined by the Vietnamese monk and teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, we are ‘interbeings’. This belief is reinforced by recent scientific in quantum theory and particularly the work of the biologist Bruce Lipton.

Planetary energies crystallise at the moment of birth to define personal characteristics and patterns. The ongoing cycles of the planets reconnect with points at the moment of birth giving each individual the freedom to adapt and adjust: you are free to choose how to respond, how to interact with your environment and other people.

Contrary to misconceptions, astrology does not mean a fatalistic acceptance of fate or destiny – rather, it grants you the opportunity to understand yourself within the ongoing processes of change which make up life’s journey.


Consultations last 60-90 mins and are conducted by telephone/Skype. Fees include cost of consultation, 90 mins preparation time (cheaper consultations without preparation are also possible) ands the cost of Skype/phone call to UK/Europe/USA landline telephones.
Consultations are recorded as mp3 and forwarded on to you via email at no extra cost.
Charts are sent as an email attachment at no extra cost. They can be posted to you for a small charge of £5.

Below is a list of different options for a consultation. Contact me to book a reading.

Natal Chart

An in-depth analysis of the Birth Moment combined with a brief look at how current planetary cycles are affecting the energy around you now. This reading can also focus on a specific issue of concern to you.

Natal Chart £90
On the Spot Reading (no preparation) £40 per hour

Natal Chart

Solar Return Chart

This is a birthday chart which gives you a picture of the year ahead from the moment when the Sun returns to its natal position – the point where it was at the moment of your birth. Ideally you already need to have some understanding of your natal chart before booking a solar return.

Solar Return £90

Solar Return

Outer Planets Astrological Chronology

The outer planets offer us the opportunity to make the deepest changes in our lives and occur when we are going through periods of major transformation. As Astrological Chronology of when and how the outer planets reconnected with your chart offers you an opportunity to reflect on the past and can help you understand and bring into perspective the deep processes of change that you have undergone in your life.

You are sent a written chronology with explanations.

Drawing up an Outer Planetary Chronology is highly individual and charges are therefore based on an hourly rate of £30 per hour, and maximum of £120 (4 hours @ £30) per hour.
Any subsequent consultation to discuss the chronology are also based on an hourly rate of £30 per hour. Please contact me to discuss this before buying.

Baby’s Chart – a special gift

An overview of the energy with which a new-born child has arrived in this world. This simple written interpretation will give parents an idea of the nature of the child’s energy without making any predictions of any kind.

Baby’s chart & reading package £60

Baby Package

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