About Me

I am a South Asian woman with a varied life experience. I was born in India, grew up in Tanzania and arrived in the UK in 1961, my home now.

My life and work is grounded in India’s syncretic spiritual traditions: the tolerant co-existence of diverse shamanic paths, Sufi/Islam, Yogic/Hindu and Buddhist in which the boundaries separating each are fluid, allowing each to overlap with and learn from the others. It is also informed by my astrological knowledge which gives me a deep understanding of the complexity of energies that come together to form each individual, unique in their own right but inseparable from and connected to all around them.

I worked in Amnesty International’s International Secretariat in the 1970s, completed a BA Hons in Modern Languages (Chinese and German) and worked as an Independent/Community Photographer in the 1980s & 1990s, when I was active in the movement to change the stereotypical view of Black & Ethnic Minority and LGBT communities in the UK.

I am rooted in a profound awareness of cultural diversity and equality at all levels and have a deep understanding of the extent to which historical injustice and traumas can also affect individuals in their daily life.

My personal experience of chronic illness and disability led me to discover the magic and power of Astrology, EFT, and Homeopathy. It also gives me first hand experience and understanding for the ongoing struggle many people have with their health in whatever form it takes. I am committed to the self-empowerment of clients by encouraging them to take responsibility for their own health and to use whatever self-help tools they find useful.

Astrology, EFT and Homeopathy have been the bedrock on which I have been able to restore and maintain my health. They have provided me with profound tools to understand and clear out the baggage which clutters my energy. All three are energy healing modalities with their own focus and methods.

The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity. Choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity … these are choices that measure your life. Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. – Anonymous


Emotional Freedom Techniques

I am an AAMET Level 3 EFT Practitioner with a Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques. I trained with EFT UK Masters Sue Beer and Emma Roberts of The EFT Centre, London, Tania Prince and Gwyneth Moss; and completed the Integrated Energy Techniques Diploma with The EFT Centre, London, and specialised EFT & Weight Loss training with Linda Wood.

In September 2010 I trained with Tania Prince and June Spencer in EFT Inner Repatterning.

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I am a member of the AAMET – The Association for The Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.

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MLCHOM – Member Lakeland College of Homeopathy

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eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing

eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing
eLybra-9 Practitioner

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I am a self-taught astrologer who has been using astrology personally since the 1980s. I have attended classes and workshops given by Lindsay River (author: The Knot Of Time) and Melanie Reinhart (author: Chiron and the Healing Journey).

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Homeopathy, EFT, Astrology and the eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing system have been the bedrock…. All four are energy healing modalities with their own focus and methods.

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