EFT, Homeopathy, eLybra Energy Balancing and Astrology

Welcome to my world of Energy Healing: EFT, Homeopathy, eLybra Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing and Astrology.

I hope you will find something here to help you transform your energy and to enable you to create the life you’ve always wanted, freed from the baggage that we all carry whether it comes in the form of stress, addictions, anxiety, phobias or anything other form of dis-ease.

“Be the change you want to see” – Gandhi

Emotional Freedom Techniques combine Talk, Body & Meridian Therapy (also know as Tapping) in a subtle interplay between mind, body and emotional energy. Click here for more about EFT

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s energy system (vital force, qi or prana) into regenerating itself through the selection of remedies. Click here for more about homeopathy

The eLybra is a computerised Bio-Resonance Energy Balancing system designed to scan the body’s bio / energy field for imbalances which are then corrected to help bring the body back to a natural state of balance. Click here for more about the eLybra.

Astrology is an ancient tool developed to help us reach a deep understanding of ourselves, the process of our lives and its continually unfolding nature. Click here for more about astrology

What clients say about working with me:

“Thank you is not big enough – feel really different this morning so thank you! The way I would describe it is you handed me a step ladder to get out of the black hole.”

“I can categorically say that after years of GP consultations, occasional psychicatrist sessions and counselling, none of them have come anywhere near ‘preperly understanding and addresing’ the depression. You have had a profound effect in that regard. Your perspective makes sense to me. I feel I don’t obsess about ‘frightening’ or ‘difficult’ topics to the degree I did before; my skin is better; my PMT symptoms are a million times better; I have more energy; I feel less confused; I feel much more calm, centred and confident.”
AH, July 2012

My methods are focused on what my clients need: the outcomes you are aiming for are what I prioritise. They are also practical and easy to learn as self-help tools to be used to enhance and deepen work carried out in the session.

You can work with me from the safety of your home over the phone, or via the Internet using Skype.

Call me now and explore how I can help you, or take the time to explore my site.


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